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Spurs – Wolves Preview: Which Direction For The Tottenham Bandwagon This Week?

Roll up, one and all. Tickets are now available for the Tottenham Hotspur bandwagon, which rolls into town once again on Saturday. Come the final whistle against Wolves we can all get a little too carried away once again, on a wave of euphoria/doom (delete as appropriate). The only question regards the direction in which we head.The finale at Goodison Park left several of our number kicking in their televisions, burning their season tickets and, with a final declaration that the team won’t win anything EVER, scrabbling atop tall buildings and leaping.

Well, not quite, but it was a mighty angry backlash. Should we follow up by losing at home to Wolves (or even winning unconvincingly) such places as the Comments sections of Spurs blogs will resemble a war-zone.

The mood at AANP Towers remains closer to euphoric than doom-laden (and not just because the entire first draft of Spurs’ Cult Heroes is now complete – get in!) on the back of our recent performances. We’ve goals in us, I tell thee, and I’m therefore peddling the This-Season-We’ll-Make-Champions-League line. Kranjcar and Lennon have been bristling with goodness in recent weeks, and although his radar was ever-so-slightly awry last weekend, Defoe’s movement remains sharp. Despite recent results we are playing well, and someone sooner or later is going to get a spanking. (And the last time such a sentiment was mumbled Wigan came bounding in to town.) Beat Wolves soundly and that Champions League drum will be given another pounding; such is life at Spurs. Black or white. Triumph or disaster.

(Why it is always one extreme or another I’m not too sure. Maybe it is the dawn of omnipresent media coverage, with 24-hour news channels and instantly-accessible internet creating a void for headlines that has to be filled constantly. Well if this is the case, I bestow a thousand violent curses upon that despicable breed who shamelessly use the internet to peddle their own incessant personal- what’s that you say?)

Glory Be. He’s Back

Ross: This is the most beautiful natural thing in the world.
Joey: Yeah, but there’s a baby sucking on it.

The second most beautiful natural thing in the world will be visible on Saturday when Luka Modric takes his place amongst the substitutes. You’ll know it’s him because he will be surrounded by an orb of celestial light, his presence having already been heralded by a choir of angels.

Three points, goals a-plenty and a late cameo from the little Croatian genius. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, but this being Spurs, some daft alternative inevitably threatens.


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6 replies on “Spurs – Wolves Preview: Which Direction For The Tottenham Bandwagon This Week?”

Do you think seeing Modric and Krancjar in the same midfield in the future is a little too much to ask for??

We should beat Wolves no problem, but I don’t see us having the fire power that some would have us believe.

We can’t rely on Defoe (or Dawson) to score in every game, so Crouch or Keane need to start weighing in with some goals when it counts.

We’ve managed to stay fourth largely due to Liverpool and City stumbling. These two, especially City, will get stronger, and with the run in we have, we’re probably going to need a good cushion of points between us (if we are still 4th) and the 5th placed team going into that run if we’re going to make it.

Presently, I don’t see us having the consistency to pull far enough away from the pack, but with the return of Modric, the imminent signing of Sandro plus who knows who Redknapp will bring through the window, our ‘win’ consistency should improve.

A win tomorrow and another against City on Wednesday just might get me back on the ‘top four’ believers’ wagon again.

Thank you for informing me of the general feeling of frustrated sword wielding Tottenham fans over the past two weekends,last Sunday especially,as I thought it was just me breathing fire,ahhh, you see mom I told you I’m not going loopy.

Always leaves me feeling mightily optomistic reading your pre-match previews. That Spurs book you’ve written should be given to sick kids on wards to make them feel better.

Now let’s see if we can’t give Wolves a good shoe-ing.


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