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Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Your Memories of Cyril Knowles…

The late Cyril Knowles is one of the players featuring in forthcoming book Spurs’ Cult Heroes, detailing the glorious history of Tottenham Hotspur FC by examining players who achieved legendary status amongst us fans for what they did at the club.AANP warmly invites you to leave any memories you may have of

the man – favourite moments from his career, or personal meetings off the pitch. Feel free to leave your comments below.
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11 replies on “Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Your Memories of Cyril Knowles…”

“Nice one Cyril, nice one son,
Nice one Cyril let’s have another one”

Please also don’t omit Gilzean
“Gilzean Gilzean Gilzean Gilzean
Born is the King of White Heart Lane”

(Wasn’t only sung at Xmas)

Maybe I’m old, but I never see the name of John White “the Ghost” mentioned. To me one of the greatest wingers that ever played in the Uk and certainly for Spurs.

The obvious memory of Cyril was the two goals he scored against Leeds in a 4-2 win that kept Spurs in thr 1st Division. However my lasting memory is Cyril performing an outragous dummy on our goal line against Everton. I have never seen anything like it before or since. It says much for this mans skill and mental strenthe that he could think about doing it let alone pull it off.

He was a fantastic attacking full back with pace and left foot that could cross a ball with such accuracy it has never been matched. This guy was a genuis of a footballer yet quiet and unasumeing. If Ray Wilson had not been a England fixture after the Worl Cup win i think Cyril would have gained at least 50 caps

the best left back i have seen in my 50 years of watching spurs my overiding memory of Cyril was in the old league cup semi final secong leg against chelsea at WHL Cyril stopped a goalbound effort on the line and as two opposing forwards closed in on him he dribbled the ball along the goal line to safety the whole crowd held its breath, typical Knowlesy as bill nick said play the game the way it should be played cyril always did.

My memory of Cyril is he was a man of the people.Going to away games on the old football specials Cyril always had a word for us.He was also the best left back I ever saw in a Spurs shirt,and Ive been a fan for fifty years.God bless Cyril thanks for the memories.

Probably the best left back I have seen at Spurs and I doubt few would argue with that especially those who like me had the pleasure in seeing him play… Cyril was one of the first breed of what are now known as Wing Backs and he could get forward a deliver a great cross most of the time but that did not distract from his ability as a defender too which although prone to some rare bouts of carelessness was very fearsome and there were not many Wingers around who relished coming up against him.

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