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Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Your Memories of Pat Jennings…

Pat Jennings is one of the players to be featured in forthcoming book Spurs’ Cult Heroes, detailing the glorious history of Tottenham Hotspur FC by examining players who achieved legendary status amongst us fans for what they did at the club.AANP warmly invites you to leave any memories you may have of the man – favourite moments from his career, or personal meetings off the pitch. Feel free to leave your comments below. 


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You can also become a Facebook fan of Spurs’ Cult Heroes and AANP here, or follow on Twitter here

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17 replies on “Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Your Memories of Pat Jennings…”

Many people might be suprised to know that Big Pat was a real nervous starter after he signed from Watford. In his early days he did not convince and there were plenty that doubted he would make it. A lesson for everyone when a young keeper starts their career. In time Pat became the best keeper in the world and someone i feel privaleged to see play.

My memories of Pat in goal for Spurs are many full of great saves like the two penalties he saved at Liverpool in the same game. The incrediable save from Wolves Mike Bailey voley hit so perfectly from the edge of the box and destined for the top corner and a goal of the season contender until Big Pat through him self up and backwards that brought a jack knife save

However i leave you with this memnory. Pat had signed for Arsenal and brought a real kick in the teeth for Spurs fans. Anyway as football often does it brought Pat back to the lane in a 3rd round FA cuptie. Garth Crooks scored the only goal with a scuffed shot through Pats hands. Its fair to say that the crowds joy was tempered by one of our heros showing mortality. Typicaly Pat was embarased by his blunder but it never stoped him performing herioics gaining the respect of Arsenal fans along with the Spurs. What other player could have done that?

Its got to be is one handed catch from a corner at Wembley against Chelsea when he soared above everyone.Then with one huge hand grabbed the ball and and held it like a big apple in is hand .From that moment on i new we would win the cup and i have never seen any goalkeeper do this since Priceless .

we were drawn away to millwall 3rd round of the cup in1967 the year we beat chelsea in the final, it was at the old den Pat made a save low down but from the follow up eamon dunphy hit the rebound towards the top corner and Pat sprung to turn the ball over the bar still to this day the best save i have ever seen, the game ended goaless we won the replay 1-0 at WHL and went on to win the cup thanks to big Pat.

I remember being on the terrace in the Park Lane end against Newcasle. We were defending a corner which was cleared to the ede of a crowded peanalty area A Newcastle player shot and Pat could not have seen te ball until it was virtualy alonside him – He dived backwards and to his right and not only saved the shot but caught it at full stretch in his right hand. The best save I have ever seen

Valencia World Cup 1982 – Spain 0 – N Ireland 1. He was a God !! I tell you …A GOD !!!! 🙂

the best spurs keeper in my lifetime,he took over from bill brown who was a good keeper,but pat was head and shoulders above the rest,magnificent

My Uncle had a newsagents. He delivered Big Pat’s papers. One day he let me do it. The garden was massive – like, a 5oo mile driveway or summit! I was so excited I couldn’t walk properly. Didn’t see him though 🙁

Great keeper.

Moving to the Scum…and a little man on the radio, when interviwer asked how he felt, and commented that transfers were normal, saying “yeha, I know, but did he have to go to them Arsen*l Ba**ar*s” 😀

I remember a game in the late seventies, when Pat chased a fan . What happened was when warming up against the Chelsea the fan ran on the pitch and tried to kick Pat. But Big Pat got the better of him by chaseing the length of the pitch tripping the fan up, and then by the scruff of his neck handed him to the old bill. And the fans went wild singing Jennings aggro . And dureing that game he made a couple of hard saves look so easy we went on and won 3 0 Chelsea were relegated brill.

The Man Jennings was in my eyes head and shoulders above the great Gordon Banks, who was a great himself. Big Pat i tell you that you always will be a Yido, and not a scum Gooner. Your best years were at the Lane, where real football is played with reall men LEGENDS.

I remember so many times when was like a god, already mentioned the incredible save against Newcastle or the Goal against Man Utd (when they had a team of gentlemen and were managed by a gentleman as well) but for me it was a normal league game against Stoke with one Gordon Banks in goal at the other end. The two best keepers on the planet obviously it would be 0 – 0 but no it ended up 4-3 with both of them still turning in superb performances.

Met Big Pat prior to the 1993 FA Cup Semi Final and had the privelege of shaking his hand. And when I say shook hands, I mean I completely lost sight of mine for a while there. Anyway, by his own admission, Spurs were the team in his heart and he wouldn’t have joined Arsenal had Spurs wanted to keep him (even if it meant playing in the 2nd division). Easily the biggest mistake of Burkinshaw’s career

Easily the best goalkeeper Spurs have ever had or or ever likely to have. You could fill pages with the great saves as there are so many of them! I saw him play many times & he was a real class act, always cool & in control & capable of saves that no other goalkeeper could make & that includes Banks!. At his peak he was easily the best goalkeeper in the world as well as being a very modest man, he almost seemed embarrassed by his own brilliance. There’s only one Pat Jennings & we’ll never see anyone like him again.

Perhaps one day someone should write a book entitled ‘THFC – A History of Stupid Transfers.’ The main chapter would surely be devoted to the decision to hand over to Arsenal for a pitiful sum of money the greatest goalkeeper of his generation.

Legend has it that when Pat was told of the decision to get rid of him in the summer of 1977, he wept. He wasn’t the only one. While we then went through a succession of sadly mediocre netminders, Pat proceeded to save his new team time and time again with stupendous goalkeeping. I remember going to Highbury at the end of the 78-79 season – we put on a really good performance, creating some excellent chances. Alas, the great Pat pulled off one terrific save after another and we lost 1-0

What made him such a wonderful goalkeeper? Everything. He didn’t have a single weakness – and he did it all with such style. He was brave, too, in an era when goalies got less protection than they do now. In my mind’s eye I see him producing point blank saves in the UEFA Cup Final against Wolves in 1972. The following year he saved two penalties against Liverpool – in the same game at Anfield!

When he started at the Lane he had some decent players around him but by the end of his career at Spurs the gap in ability between him and the rest of the team was embarrassing. To his credit, the manager who sold him, Keith Burkinshaw, admitted three years later that he’d made a mistake. We could have got another ten years out him. Easily.

Pat Jennings was my boyhood Hero,I would stand behind his net at WHL just to watch him play.Istarted to collect a Album of newspaper cuttings as a boy right up to his retirement ..its packed with pictures and stories of various matches..His best game ….well there was so very many..I was their the night Spurs played Leeds in 1975 .last game of the season we had to avoid defeat ..Pat was magnificent was just his presence ,he was so calm ,also a save I remember v Chelsea from Ian Hutchinson was amazing..the one handed catches..the penalty saves ,his quiet shy personality, his behaviour and what it meant to irish people living in london at that time ..knowing we had a keeper that was quite simply the best in the world,My late father was so proud of Pat Jennings …lastly a small story….I was living in Ireland and wrote to Pat jennings for his autograph in the mid Seventies I even sent 20 pence for the stamp in the hope that he would reply ….well he did with his autograph ..and he also returned the 20 pence…..witch I kept in the envelope and still have to this day,it said something about the man…a man who unknowingly had a big influence on my life and what it was to behave and respect people and to go about ones work or career in a unassuming humble manner and for all that I would like to take this opportunity to say ..Thank You PAT JENNINGS THE GREATEST GOALKEEPER OF ANY GENERATION

Hi Michael,

Just a quick note to say thanks for using my quote about my hero Pat Jennings in your brilliant book. It was my birthday on June 12th (Pats 65th birthday as well!) & my wife gave me the book as a birthday present – what a great surprise to see my name in the chapter on Big Pat. I think you’ve got it just right & I have read it already!
Best wishes, Doug

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