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Spurs’ Cult Heroes – Your Memories of Gary Mabbutt…

Loyal club servant, frequent conqueror of adversity and a gentleman of the game, Gary Mabbutt is, naturally, one of the players featuring in Spurs’ Cult Heroes, a forthcoming book looking at players who achieved legendary status amongst us fans for what they did at the club. AANP wants to hear your memories of the man – favourite moments from his career, or personal meetings off the pitch. Feel free to leave your comments below. 

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He was on the queen’s nose and he had diabeties. I remember he put on weight at the end but i think that was john fashanu’s fault.

What a great servant of our beloved club. a man who never made any fuss about playing with a serious illness, and always played the game the way it should be played, as a gentleman. Even when he almost lost the sight in one eye from a horrendous challenge at the hands (elbow) of John Fashanu.

A true gentleman of the game, I once saw his car mobbed by Spurs autograph hunters after leaving White Hart Lane after a league game a few seasons ago. He could’ve quite easily driven off after signing a few autographs but true to the gent that he is, he simply pulled his classic Mercedes to one side of Bill Nicholson Way, got out and signed every programme, shirt and scrap of paper that was thrust infornt of him and stood and posed for photographs until everyone of the hordes of supporters was satisfied.

As a young boy of 13 I remember being glued to the TV one sunny saturday in May 87 to witness the cruelty of Mabbutt’s own goal in extra time of the 1987 FA cup final, which handed the trophy to Coventry City. Lesser men could’ve crumbled after that but not our Mabbsy. He held his head high and received his runners up medal with dignity and a smile.
He would go on and banish all of the lingering demons of that day by leading his team to FA cup glory against Nottingham Forest, 4 years later also beating the arch rivals at the first wembley semi final along the way.

If ever any youngster wanted to learn about the model professional, especially in this time of cheating, diving and gamesmanship which is breeding in our beloved game, Look no further than Gary Mabbutt, A true and honest professional, A giant anong men and hero of our club

A quick search of the internet will turn up a treasure trove of praise and admiration for Gary. Fans who want to share stories of his kindness and generosity towards them, former team-mates who admired his skill and dedication, old match reviews that laud him as the bedrock of Spurs’ defence and lots of news about his involvement in charitable and altruistic events like the football match in Afghanistan or supporting orphanages in Africa.

Give the man a knighthood!

He was transferred from Bristol Rovers and we paid 150,000 pounds for his transfer, which was a bargain even for those days. He played in the midfield on his debut and I think he scored 2 goals.

He was a true gentleman and always gave 100% whether he played in defence or midfield. He should have received more caps for England.

When i was a 14 year old schoolgirl I had a crush on Gary Mabbutt and wrote his name all over my desk at school. My principal caught me and made me clean my desk and other graffitti around the school but that didn’t blunt my ardour for the marvellous Mr. Mabbutt. I learned to write his name in perfect script on the underside of my desk instead… 🙂

A true gentleman of football at the highest of standards, dedication & generosity. Was in awe of him when he played for Tottenham & still am. A finer character you’d never meet, a true role model.

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