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Spurs – Birmingham Preview: Too Complacent

Having started this season like a runaway train, we now go into a game at home to Birmingham demanding victory. Not a bad thing I suppose, although I do try to remind myself that sooner or later we will be brought unceremoniously back down to earth.Points of Debate
The midfield picks itself, as does the back-four barring injuries; but the striking pair will, as ever, stoke up some debate. Not in the frantic manner of previous weeks, when the announcement of a Keane-Defoe pairing would have us pointing and shouting like – well, like, you-know-who – but it will be a topic of pre-match chat nevertheless.

Keane and Defoe is working – and if it ain’t broke… However, he of the elongated frame will presumably need to be blooded at some point, and this might be deemed his moment. ‘Arry is certainly not shy about professing his admiration for Crouch, and at the risk of sounding perilously complacent, Birmingham at home could be a suitably low-risk occasion on which to unleash him.

Poor old Pav seems well down the pecking order. I’m not sure what he truly thinks about it, but “his people” are apparently becoming irate, as they want their man to play regular first-team games, what with the World Cup a-looming. I once had to deal with some irate Russians, for my day-job. Slightly scary stuff to be honest. They outnumbered me, spoke in deep, threatening tones and didn’t bother with any of the niceties you normally get in a business meeting. Still, ‘Arry seems unfazed, so Pav can probably look forward to another 85 minutes or so on those awfully comfy-looking seats in the White Hart Lane dug-out.

At the other side of the pitch, I’d rather like to see a clean sheet. It’s the one thing missing from our all-singing, all-dancing, high-octane start to the season. That said, I would of course settle for an all-action 5-4 win.


Just read this over. Too complacent by half. If the players play like I’ve just written it will all come crashing down on Saturday.


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I love complacency it’s my favourite vice! One feels compelled to point out that the last time Spurs took part in this ‘low risk’ fixture they lost 3 – 2. In the reverse game Spurs were ceremoniously thumped so just remember disrespecting the opposition can lead to looking extremely foolish. I expect that Spurs will win this one but it won’t be easy and any complacency on Spurs’ part could result in dropped points. Birmingham are not there to make up the numbers. We are a proud club with a long tradition for fighting to the end and never giving up so may the best side prevail.


Give it all, every minute of every game and treat this one like it’s a final – That’s what it takes.. There’s no easy touch.

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