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EXCLUSIVE!!!! Kind Of. Redknapp Off to Glasgow to Watch Scott Brown

How’s this for hard-hitting, bone-crunching, investigative journalism? AANP Towers can exclusively reveal, via its deep network of KGB-style informants who have brutally beaten the information out of their contacts, that our glorious leader ‘Arry, and his trusty sidekick Kevin Bond, are on a plane to Glasgow!!! Ahead of the Celtic – l’Arse game!!!

PRESUMABLY WITH A VIEW TO WATCHING SCOTT BROWN IN ACTION!!!!!!!If only I could fathom how to shift photos from my mobile to my pc I’d spoil you all with a frankly triffic picture of Redknapp asleep in his aisle seat. The fact that my mate has decided to endanger the lives of all on board the plane, by keeping his mobile turned on during the flight, seems a price worth paying for such earth-shattering news. You lucky things.Scott Brown. Not many people seem to know an awful lot about the chap. Descriptions currently being ascribed to him include “hard-working”, “dirty” and “a Scottish Zokora”. Good grief.

My avidly Celtic-supporting mate – the one endangering all on the plane – has previously described him as a “terrier” in the Roy Keane mould, albeit one who “needs to develop”. This suggests that he is possibly being eyed up as an understudy to sergeant Wilson, or maybe as an occasional partner, for those roll-up-the-sleeves-and-fight occasions. However, the jury at AANP Towers will remain out for the foreseeable future. Having exhausted myself unearthing such an exclusive scoop I’ll sit back and let everyone else argue amongst themselves regarding the quality of the lad. I guess we can all cast our beady eyes over him in tonight’s game. In the mean-time, watch this space for more dynamite, jaw-dropping revelations about Spurs. AANP Towers – where the mundane is dressed in unnecessary glitz, and months-old gossip is regurgitated as “exclusive”…


Jimmy Greaves. No two ways about it, a true Tottenham legend – and AANP wants to hear your memories of the man, from both on and off the pitch. Our record goalscorer is, naturally enough, one of the players featuring in Spurs’ Cult Heroes, the forthcoming book looking at players who achieved legendary status amongst us fans for what they did at the club. Not everyone was lucky enough to have seen him in action, but if you did, or somehow came into contact with him, please do share right here.
Memories of Jurgen Klinsmann also welcome, over here.

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8 replies on “EXCLUSIVE!!!! Kind Of. Redknapp Off to Glasgow to Watch Scott Brown”

Greavsie once told my aunt to fcuk off when she approached him for an autograph on my behalf……lol……that was 40yrs ago.

Hope his mood has improved a bit since then.

We should move the earth to get Arteta why not offer Huddlestone and Hutton/Chimbonda +5ml to get him he would be worth it sell Jenas and Benley to Villa and get Petrov from City and go get Sissoko from France and we cover so many postions with these 3 and cut our wage bill.Has to make sense.

What great friends you have… endangering a plane full of passengers to get you the scoop. I need a suicidal bunch like that myself.

Would I welcome him with open arms? If Harry thinks it’s the right move I won’t doubt him whatsoever. Harry’s transfer market record with us so far has been positive. Let’s get behind him on this one. If it doesn’t work out, we can always sell Brown to Sunderland for 16 million depending on appearances.


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