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Spurs’ Top Ten Mistakes of 2008-09

The real world has rather inconveniently got in the way of things at AANP Towers in the last week or so, but it’s proved fairly exquisite timing, as precious little has happened beyond some rather dubious rumour-mongering. Just to keep things ticking over here are a couple more lists, the last vestiges of 2008-09, beginning with Spurs’ 10 Worst Mistakes of 2008-09.10. Gilberto Clanger vs Spartak – Having dribbled into trouble just outside the area on his Spurs debut the previous season, Gilberto’s apparent unfamiliarity with the tactical basics were evident again this cold and crisp December evening, as he politely unfolded a napkin, blew off the steam and spoon-fed a goal to our Russian visitors. A second-half comeback rescued the tie, but only after the Brazilian had been withdrawn and effectively placed on the transfer list. 

9. Fraizer Campbell As Our Third Striker 9. Fraizer Campbell As Our Third Striker

8. Ledley’s Post-Match Pint

7. The Signing of David Bentley

6. Gomes v Udinese



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8 replies on “Spurs’ Top Ten Mistakes of 2008-09”

Quite possibly the most sickening thing that happened this season was finding ourselves 2-0 up against Utd and then coming out in the second half and presenting our lilywhite asses to them.

No 2 mistake was losing 2-1 at Wigan after Wilson was red carded.
You gotta know how to close out games you have dominated.

No 1 mistake was the 5-2 humiliation at Old Trafford.
For 60 minutes I was proud and believing in what I saw.
If I live another 60 years I still won’t be able to think about
that game without cringeing. The team and the management
all surrendered.

no2 mistake was against blackburn not wigan.

no3 mistake was allowing howard webb to referee us vs the mancs at old trafford as he denied us at least a draw in the same fixture the season before. was he put there to try and make things right or rub salt in the wound

Selling all of our strikers was the no 1 biggest mistake of last season.

We had the best strike force in the country before we sold them all.

Great stuff as per usual. That penalty miss sums up Bentley for Spurs. As for Campbell, I wish he was given more chances to shine. We’ll see what he can do next season if his Hull move completes.

lets see dipstick gomas hasnt stopped his clangers! name one perfect keeper u prick from last season in udenise he lost his footing on a crap pitch quite a few did that nite
Was u there to see with your own eyes doubt it! At fulham yes he made that cock-up even thou playing badly kept us in the game with quite stunning saves as a goalkeeper someime u take your eye of it when u think its safely in your hands but he took his eye of the ball and it hit a chunk of mud/grass and deviated away from his arms a mistake u would have thought the whole world ended
gomas has been brilliant for us and saved us a few times beside keeping the lowest amount of goals in a season ever at WHL u absolute plank/incomptant arse

Poor old Gomez!!!! Still getting grief after setting club records. Some Spurs fans embarrass me

This guy is the business. I’m with the Spookster. Fave it and that means now.

HH, Alcatrazz, out.

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