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Everton – Spurs Preview: Six Things I’d Like To See From Tottenham Today

The mild apathy of last week’s game against West Brom suggested that the players are gently winding down. Fans too seem a little underwhelmed by the prospect of a fight for seventh, even though we’re only one point away with three to play. I guess fixtures away to both Liverpool and Everton are grounds for mild pessimism – but today at least we’ve a ruddy good chance. Everton will have one eye on the FA Cup Final, and are without Jagielka, who by all accounts has formed one half of a pretty solid centre-back pairing alongside the Lescott.Things I’d Like To See Happen Vs Everton1. Start With Defoe, Keane On The Bench

This is actually heart over head – tactically it might make more sense to use Keane today, given his penchant for hanging back towards midfield, as this might be the best way to counter Everton, who themselves tend to flood the midfield.

Nevertheless, Keane’s form has been sound but decidedly unspectacular, lending credence to the notion that he needs a genuine target-man alongside him in order to excel. Leaving him on the bench might serve to shove a proverbial rocket up his rear-end.

Moreover, I’m a massive fan of the directness and selfishness of Defoe. We’ve been a little shot-shy in recent weeks, which has rather detracted from some excellent approach play, and Defoe’s willingness to get his head down and shoot – on target and from just about anywhere – might address that. Mind you, that very approach-play which has been so impressive might itself disappear if Keane is removed from the team. Decisions, decisions.

2. Bale On The Left, Modders In The Centre

And Jenas nowhere to be seen. The thought of Modric having something akin to a free, central role makes me feel as giddy with excitement as a kid in a sweetshop. He’s not exactly pinned to the left touchline at the moment, but I’d still prefer to see the shackles completely removed.

Would also be nice to see our simian friend get a run out on the left. It seems a lifetime ago now, but when he first joined us, under Martin Jol (blessed be his name), young Bale was possibly our best player, in the opening few months of last season. He contributed pace, goals and a natural left foot (although, alas, never a win) until getting injured and going to pieces.

3. Spurs Scoring First – Then Daring To Score Again!!! 

4. BAE Matching Fellaini’s ‘Fro

Those braids are all well and good, but everyone loves a good afro. Fellaini’s mop is a thing of awesome wonder, and for one last time this season it would be good comedy value to see Assou-Ekotto ditching the braids and going with the ‘fro, in some sort of mental ‘70s throwback. What japes could be had if the pair of them jumped together for a header. Oh, the hilarity.

5. BAE Changing His Expression

Crack open a smile, fella. Or give us anything, other than that unnerving stare of the undead. It scares the bejesus out of me.

6. ‘Arry Making A Substitution

Alright, admittedly I’m now stepping into a whole new realm of absurdity. It’s a thought though. We do have seven of the blighters on the bench, most of whom are pretty capable in their own way. Mind you, someone might first have to explain to ‘Arry that such tactical machinations are indeed within the laws of the game.

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“and jenas nowhere to be seen”….are you serious? he is forming a very good partnership with palacios not to mention getting the winner in our last match

Sorry carteltheyid but Palacios will most probably not be playing due to the discovery of his brother’s body ergo JJ will have nobody to form a partnership with. And on the subject of Wilson P, many commiserations for the act perpetrated on your sibling by the bastidos in your homeland.

4 goals all season from a player who gets forward as much as Jenas does isn’t the sign of a player I want in the midfield, very good partnership or not.

We will not beat these teams till next year away at Everton away at Fulham .Both play with massive energy levels and it doesent matter how many players get injured they still win , look at there players with massive wight loss konchesky fellanni peinnar neville everton carry on winning Llook out for 2 million pounds pieniar running the show today chasing the ball like a demented terrier and cahill jumbing like he is ten foot and fellini losing loads of weight with his none stop running .His hair is like it his to disguise is skelaton face he looks starving and would have no head if he cut is hair .All spurs fans should look at what ———? does for your energy and team and you will have all the answers why some teams can lose loads of players and still win ?

6 things I would like to see today

(i) Alan Hutton start on the right
(ii) Keane and Pav be given time to develop their partnership
(iii) Bale play in the position we signed him for, left back
(iv) Spurs beat Everton as a victory for football over organisation
(v) Jermaine Jenas play on the right where his flakiness won’t leave us exposed and his pace can be put to good effect
(vi) Tom Huddlestone play centrally from the off (he can either show his worth or get some time in the shop window)

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