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Silencing the sycophants? Burnley 2-0 Arsenal

Schadenfreude is a terrible thing, but I’ve never been one to pass on an opportunity to snigger at l’arse. The fact that they lost last night is no disgrace per se; but pride precedes a fall, and after all the increasingly excited bleating the rest of the world has had to put up with after each display of Wenger’s kids, I hope that last night’s defeat will bring them back down to earth and tie a nice tight gag around the mouths of those sycophants – partisan and neutral alike – who’ve got rather carried away. A talented group of youngsters no doubt, but the hyperbole was reaching ridiculous proportions after the defeats of Wigan and Sheff Utd in previous rounds of the Carling Cup. Away from home, and even though supplemented by a couple of older heads (although by all accounts Bendtner was a hindrance rather than a help – pink boots strike me as a bad idea if you can’t walk the walk) they went down 2-0 to a lower league team, and the “Young Gunners” drum can now hopefully be silenced. Until next season…

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