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Spurs’ "fighting spirit"? Are you sure?

I keep hearing about Spurs’ new-found “fighting spirit”. Let’s clear this up pronto – the comeback on Weds night was nowt to do with fighting spirit. The players had given up after 80 mins and accepted a 4-2 defeat. The only reason we got back into the game was a stroke of luck – Clichy slipping and presenting Jenas with a route to goal (nb credit to Jenas, there was still plenty of work for him to do when he picked up the ball, he took the goal exceptionally well). Thereafter, for the four mins of injury-time, we showed some desire, but broadly, that comeback was not achieved because of our fighting spirit.

Veering off on a tangent – why the hell doesn’t every professional footballer show fighting spirit, every damned minute he’s on the pitch? Our acceptance of a two-goal defeat after 80 mins on Weds made my blood boil. I remember feeling the same way when England were 2-0 down in Croatia with 10 mins to go. It only takes, say, 20 seconds to orchestrate and score a goal. Moreover, they’re paid in excess of a thirty grand every week, to give a 90 minute (plus injury time) performance. So don’t give up after 80.

The mentality could probably be attributed to the fact that they’re picked up at 14 (or younger), completely pampered by their club and have never done a proper day’s (9 to 5 or longer) work in their lives. For them, two hours training per day is hard work.


Rant over.

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