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West Ham 1-2 Spurs: Tottenham Forget How To Be A Soft-Touch

Good grief, what’s come over them? The stylish win at home to Liverpool was in keeping with the glory-glory Tottenham tradition, the demolition of Hull an all-action romp – but getting bogged down in a scrap and emerging victorious? I plan to catch this, pop it in a jar and charge a tenner for people to come marvel at it.While never abandoning the principle of playing football that’s pretty to watch whenever we broke into their half, we also did the necessary dirty work, matching our hosts crunch for crunch, and niggle for niggle.

Countless times in years gone by we have grumbled about – and indeed resigned ourselves to – the fact that for all our flair and élan we have traditionally shown as much fight as an anaesthetised kitten. As a wide-eyed nipper with a mildly sadistic streak, I would flick woodlice onto their backs and inflict needless pain upon them in the general vicinity of the soft underbelly. Back then those woodlice might as well have been wearing Spurs shirts, but the multi-legged critters will now need to dress themselves in something other than the puma number with yellow flashes, circa 2009-10. Whisper it, but the early indications are that we are a soft-touch no longer.

Ledley and Bassong 

The Midfield

I’ll half include Keane in this, as he did his usual thing of scuttling hither and thither around the centre-circle. And a decent enough job he did too, encouraging all round him to keep the round thing on the green stuff, while also adding strength in numbers, countering West Ham’s five-man midfield.

Sergeant Wilson did what sergeant Wilson does, and showed sufficient discipline to avoid the temptation to go flying forward too frequently. Against Hull he had rather enjoyed himself in the final third; today wise counsels prevailed and he kept it defensive.

The Hudd debate continues, but AANP gives the big fella a third consecutive nod of approval. Just a nod mind, rather than a thumping backslap, for he did not boss the game in the manner we all hope he eventually will. Nevertheless, it was a smart, positionally-aware performance, protecting the back-line. He also distributed the ball thoughtfully, rather than a prima donna after a Hollywood ball every time.

Elsewhere On The Pitch… 

And on the subject of the little moments, a toast to Carlton Cole for his defence-splitting assist. Telepathic understanding with the boy Defoe.  Awfully good of you, old bean.

No-nonsense from Assou-Ekotto. The occasional moment of nonsense from Corluka (although nothing too damaging). Defoe on fire. The whole lot of them digging in, rather than capitulating, at one-nil down. And what do you know – Tottenham Hotspur FC remain top of the table. Ruddy marvellous.

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6 replies on “West Ham 1-2 Spurs: Tottenham Forget How To Be A Soft-Touch”

What a great result! Just when I thought the team was a bit flat and tired, Lennon kept on going. And what a left foot finish for a right winger. Superb stuff.

A niggling worry is that Harry doesn’t seem to trust the bench. He doen’t dare to change the first 11 until the 80th minute. Don’t get me wrong, we have good players on the bench, but they are not someone who can change the game or frighten the opponents.

Given that we don’t seem to have much resources (and don’t bet on it as we kick start the new stadium project), we have to be finger crossed that no one (esp. Palacios) get injured for as long as it takes.

The next three matches should really give us some idea of where we are going – Brum, Manure and Chelski.

I’m wondering if there are any big names that we might still sign in the transfer window, who might just be thinking of CL next season, and are thinking that we might jut be the team to do it.

Isn’t it great to play with a settled team

top of the flippin league!

the bench is the extension of a winning side waitng to add the there part….crouch did look effective….just needs some game time…..this is a good side ………
if you win games like west ham
sky do love the hype etc with their comments but im sure redknapp is keeping the focus……

Not a great performance IMO… 3 points I will gladly take from a team that out-muscled us in the midfield. God bless Carlton Cole for giving us the gift of life! Lennon was determined to make his mark even though he was constantly double-manned. Happy we’re going back to the Lane for our next two matches.


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